Monday, September 04, 2006

4th Course in Parutani

The title of this course should be CHICHA!

But this pic is just one of the best we have!
That a boy Sly! What you don't know is that imediately fallowing this picature, the kid fell out of Sly's lap and hit his head started krying and everyone stoped painting. I was there and it was totaly the kids fault. Don't swet it Sly.

It seems that after the final pictures are taken and the team of Gringos and Sobre La Roca Begin to pack up, a little woman comes around offering CHICHA. Well it is in the custom not to say now, and after the tenth glass We all just hoped they would leave us alone. It isn't the best tasting but it sure messes up your ability to walk in strait lines. This time, more than any others they made us drink and drink until the five gallon jug was empty. I don't want to be offered Chicha again. What a headache!